I LOVE changing lives! Here are some of my client’s breakthroughs.

I am rather amazed at the amount of confidence that I have obtained over the last few weeks. Realizing that I am worthy, I have a right to exist and not for everyone else, but rather for my own benefit and pleasure.

I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants more from your life, to become a better version of yourself and to love your life and live it with a new perspective. Thank you Sabine for changing my life around.

You my dear have had a HUGE impact on me with this course.  🙏❤️

— Carrie

Thank you so much Sabine for your  hard work and love you put into this course and the joy that it brings to everyone who goes through Conscious Quantum Living! It is truly life altering!

— Carrie

Below, Dave shares some of his breakthroughs during our time together. Dave taped this in Orlando where he volunteers at Soul Quest, as an on staff medic during Ayahuasca experiences.

Sabine’s program gave me major life breakthroughs. She taught me how to become aware of the constant stream of thoughts going through my mind so that I can decide how to react and redirect. She introduced me the energy body and to meditation in such a way that for the first time, I was not only successful, but I had a transcendent experience.  And finally, working with her brought me to an inner peace and confidence that I had been searching for.

— Dave

Working with Sabine has given me a whole new set of tools to navigate my life with. Not only the tools, but I now have the ability to take ownership of my role in all of my relationships. I learned to work on seeing every difficult event from an observers perspective, and am learning to communicate my needs and desires.

— Tamika

Sabine’s ability to guide oneself to knowing and understanding our Soul’s purpose, is nothing less than magical! If you’re seeking to master your purpose and life, the guidance she provides is invaluable 💛 I’ll never see life the same way again.

— Felicia

Throughout the course I have been challenged and learned a great deal. I now have a new way to navigate this life with a different perspective, always putting Love first in everything that I do.

The course challenges you to think & reflect on who you really are, where you are going and empowers you to become your best and highest self with a purpose in your life.

— CH

Sabine has a teaching and coaching platform that is more efficient and effective than anything I have come across thus far.  I loved the fact that she, among other things, has an electrical engineering background (ie…her Ying.)  But what is amazing is that she brings her beautiful soul and love to her coaching as well (ie…her Yang.)   And the finishing touch is her compassionate approach to telling the truth and helping us know it.  I truly believe that as part of her growth and journey, she truly loves everyone she meets.  Everyone. Sabine’s approach is excellent.  I strongly recommend her to anyone…any age…any circumstance.

— Jeff