Conscious Quantum Living: The Alchemy of Life

Elevating Consciousness Through Ancient and Modern Modalities


Sabine Priestley is the developer of Conscious Quantum Living, a transformative four month program that expands consciousness, and provides a framework for living a life of purposeful creation and personal growth.

Sabine's extensive research into expanding human consciousness, the science of spirituality and self-actualization qualifies her to help her clients transmute the energy of lifelong traumas and blocks. She works with the mind, body and human energetics.

 Bio Field researcher and an Advanced Certified Bio-Well Practitioner, Sabine believes
there is no end to what we are capable of! Are you ready to find out how far you can go?

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Bruce Lipton Rob Williams in Taos, NM, in 2019, where I was certified as a PHYCH-K Facilitator.


Dr. Theresa Bullard at The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution (TCCHE) West Palm Beach, FL 2022

SP - Beckwith - 1

Michael Beckwith at TCCHE with Bruce Lipton discussing Science and Spirituality. 2022


Participants in a chakra-balance convention

TCCHE Some of my Gaia Healers tribe and Bruce Lipton! West Palm Beach, FL

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