I’m Sabine Priestley and one of the things I’m known for is my Conscious Quantum Living program.

CQL is a 9 week Online Program that includes self-guided customized videos, focused weekly group calls and one on one coaching. CQL alumni have the opportunity to keep the journey and improvement going with a private online community that includes twice monthly group zoom calls.

During the nine-weeks you learn how to reprogram your monkey mind and inner critic, how to fine tune your mindset and through a journey of self-discovery you will know the value of your worth thereby developing an authentic confidence.

You will develop a working knowledge of energy as it relates to your energy body, emotions, thoughts and words.

Mastering this core foundation transforms every aspect of your existence therefore allowing you to create your best life! More than just a program, Conscious Quantum Living is a way of life, a way to live from abundance and Love instead of scarcity and fear.

CQL is a hybrid program encompassing energetics, mindset, self-improvement and spiritual growth.

This is a compilation of practices, teachings and tools that have been around since ancient times combined with new modalities from present day thought leaders in human consciousness and neuroscience. The content has been designed to be efficient, easily digestible and impactful with an eye on the ever-shifting world we live in. It is specifically designed for people short on time.

I designed this program to assist others in creating self-actualized, empowered, Love centered and purposeful lives. I teach you conscious creation and I’m with you every step of the way. You can master the basics of this in nine weeks instead of the 5+ years it has taken me.  

Do the work and it will change your life.

Is your life playing out the way you want? Many people desire to make changes in their life, but like me back in 2016 they don’t know where to begin.

I designed this program to produce maximum benefits in a minimal amount of time. Are you ready to start living the life you’ve dreamed of?

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Discovering who you are under the false beliefs and stories.Living with authentic confidence and self-worth.
Guides in reprograming your Monkey Mind and Inner critic.Mastering your Ego and stopping self-sabotage.
Helps you to master your emotions.Living life with purpose and intent, instead of reacting to what’s occurring around you with no control.
Learning to respond not react.Understanding how to master and maintain your energy regardless of what’s going on around you.
Provides two private one hour coaching sessions with Sabine.Receiving private, focused time to go deep into your biggest issues.
Created by reverse engineering my own journey.A major time saver, I condensed hundreds of hours of research into an easily digestible program.
Spans nine weeks.Discovering who you believe you are now and who you want to become.
Option to continue your journey and stay on aligned.Being part of a growing community of like-minded people.
Provides weekly 1hr zoom sessions.Probing discussions around the assignments and in-depth Q&A.
Content is drip fed weekly in Video format and has lessons with assigned practices.Allows you to progress at your own pace each week.
Requires guided meditations.Getting to know your energy body and beginning to tap into your intuition.
An ever-evolving process supplemented with weekly tools and resources.Learning how to release the energy of old emotional wounds and much more.
Allows access to the content for as long as the program exists.Returning again and again to continue your practice and development.

I’m Sabine Priestley Spiritual Engineer (EE by training) and Conscious Quantum Living facilitator.

Advanced Certified Bio-Well Practitioner.

Researcher of the nexus between science and spirituality.

That’s me with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams in Taos, NM being certified as a PHYCH-K Facilitator.

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