Mapping the Human Biofield

Get a Bio-Well scan and see what’s happening with your energy body.

The Bio-Well is a Gas Discharge Visualization device (GVD), also known as Electro Photonic Imagine (EPI). By scanning the tips of each finger (the endpoints of the Chinese Meridian Lines) using Kerlian Photography, we are able to map out the bio-field of the body.
Designed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the device, and its predecessors, have over twenty years of research and development spread across the world.
Quantum physics is bridging the gap between science and mysticism. We are energy beings, and integrating that fact with specific knowledge and practice can transform your life.
Using the Bio-Well Electro Photonic Imaging camera, we can take a look at the energy of your body. You will receive full PDF reports of the multiple scans we will be taking during your session.

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