Welcome to my digital home!

A special welcome to all those I’ve recently met on my travels as a nomad.  I invite you to follow my blog by signing up on the top left. Once I get a little settled, and find the right person at the right price, I’ll be revamping this website. For now, just pardon the mess. You’ll find my books, information on Crypto and Blockchain, and two blog feeds.

The Brilliance feed is all things empowering, uplifting and travel related.

TechNiCity is technology focused with a variety of things that catch my interest.

I’m an engineer, anthropologist, futurist, space exploration nut, cryptonaut and cannabis advocate.

I’m deeply fascinated by the nature of reality which is so much more than we’re taught to believe. I think most humans underestimate their power and potential. I’d like to change that.

So, again, welcome! Sign up, and come with me to new worlds!

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Stay positive (it’s all that matters) and get ready for a brilliant time!

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