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Well, 2020 sure went sideways. There will be silver linings. We’re going to come through this realizing how little we truly need and how much we value human connections. Many are hearing a call and stepping up to use this time wisely. So many ways to do that. Learn a language, start a business, expand your mind. Sure, binge watch NetFlix now and then, but not always. I’m starting a new venture. For now you can hear a little about it in the About Sabine tab above. We’re in this together. Love and Light.

A special welcome to all those I’ve recently met on my travels as a nomad.  I invite you to follow my Newsletter and blog by signing up on the left (separate signups).

I’ll be revamping this website someday. For now,  just pardon the mess. The Brilliance feed is all things empowering, uplifting and travel related. TechNiCity is technology focused with a variety of things that catch my interest.

Book three in the Tethered Wings series is in the pipe! I know, hard to believe. I took a hiatus from writing but I’m back!

I’ll be offering a read for review on a number of titles soon. Reach out if you’re interested.

Take a look around and have an amazing day!