Welcome! I’m a Spiritual Engineer and I love playing with the nexus of science and spirituality. The Bio-Well is one of the tools I use to demonstrate the reality of our energy body components. Please click on the tab above for more information about the Bio-Well or just click here!


In my foundational eight week program I teach people how to become the orchestrator of their own lives. It’s truly the bedrock needed before you can expand your universe more fully into the unseen, into the quantum field of unlimited potential. We are so much more powerful than we know. It’s time to change that. It’s time to grow.

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The time of duality is coming to an end with humanity’s ascension to higher dimensions. The divine feminine is returning to a place of balance. This has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with energy. With love.

It starts with you. Do you know who you really are?

Do you have any idea how powerful you are?

This life is your story. Are you the author, or are you simply reacting to the events around you like a ball on a pool table?

There has never been a better time to step into your authentic role in this life. It’s time to step up and manage this 3D existence. It’s supposed to be fun!

Are you struggling to figure out who you really are?

Can’t control the non-stop stream of garbage constantly playing in your head?

Trying to figure out how to orchestrate your life instead of simply responding to all the events that come at you from every direction?

Do you know inside you’re meant for more? Supposed to be doing something else?

That was all me five years ago. I’ve spent those years deep-diving and researching different modalities. Modalities designed with science in mind to get a handle on this life. Your energy, body, and mind.

Get your foundation solid, and you can do anything! Seriously. That law of attraction stuff not working for you? It’s because your foundation isn’t solid. You’re wasting energy just trying to get by, let alone thrive.

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