Don’t Kick the Robo Dog.

This is cool and more than a little scary. We’re already suffering information overload. It makes sense to have computers filter the massive content of the web for us. But then we’re being fed by the machines as they monitor what we see. Machines are SO going to take over the world. If they haven’t already…

Check out  IBM’s Watson and how they see robots being used.



I’m sure it’s fine. Robots are our friends, right?RobotDude

Except for when we do shit like this… Check out 1:20 when Spot Mini brings a drink. They forgot to tell Spot that he was supposed to give the drink to the guy. Too funny.

Boston DynamicsSpot-kick-640x353

Please stop kicking that dog! Lol. If the way those legs move doesn’t creep you out, I don’t know what will.

You need to muck around with the environment to enable them to learn, I get that, I just hate the thought of robo-revenge 😉

Here’s a great recap of where we are today. (updated 2017) Only minor abuse 😉Boston Dynamics1

Watch Asimo run around 9:00min. Boston Dynamics shows off around 10:20. Pushing the robot around @ 11:30min.

Meet Spot Mini @ 12:50

Watch as it uses its ‘hand’ @ 13:41 to mimic the way a bird can stabilize it’s head when its body is moved.

The banana slip around 14:20 cracks me up. #sorrynotsorry

Here’s another recent update. Very cool video of insect and animal robots.

Anyway, tongue in cheek, we really should think about treating them better… Just say’n.



Sabine Red



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  1. admin says:

    I’m not the only one feeling the killer robot vibe these days. Check out Mark Dice’s video here:

  2. Lee Koven says:

    The robots see everything we do, but I’m more worried about who has access to the robots and who’s currently controlling them.

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