Peeking up the skirts of companies whose products we buy.

Sitting at Starbucks and noshing on their new steak and egg wrap (kudos, SB) I came across a brilliant idea in my newsfeed.

Don’t you hate it when you discover that a company you support turns out to have dubious or downright heinous practices? Like dumping toxic waste or child labor.

Wouldn’t it be great if we got a snapshot of manufactures practices when we were browsing? Before we fork out that hard earned money?

Well, the people at Impakt are trying to help make that happen. Check it out here at Futurism.

Clearly, there will be issues. It’s going to take constant tweaking, but isn’t this better than nothing? I think so.

If you have some extra pennies lying around go and support them here at Kickstarter.

Turns out Impact Corp is pretty cool itself. “Founded in 2001, Impakt is a Toronto-based B Corp that helps corporations and non-profit organizations to profit from innovative social change. We help corporations transition from CSR as a cost centre to creating opportunities to help solve social problems and profit from doing so. For non-profit organizations, our value is developing new sources of revenue that align with their social purpose.”

That’s my PSA for today. Have a great day, find your happy and #MakeItCount


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