One way or another, we are going to the stars…

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When I see things like this, VASIMR Drive, I get all nerd-gasmy inside. (Thanks to one of my tribe, Lea Kirk, for throwing this my way). Whether it’s an EM drive, VASIMR, or another ION drive, it is going to happen.

If we can make Mars not only accessible but a reasonable round trip, we’re talking just over a month versus six months, it would change everything.




The beauty of this is that everything IS changing. We’re on the cusp of a technology explosion. I admit to dreams of this on the right.  There’s a reason I love The Expanse and Dark Matter. They take us there. Maybe not in my lifetime, but definitely in my next 😉

As for what’s happening in the next twenty to fifty years, all I can say, is hang on because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!





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