Neuralink And Human Evolution


Humans interfacing with computers has been the stuff of science fiction from the beginning, but like so many other areas of technology, here, fiction is becoming fact. This terrifies many. The potential for things going disastrously wrong is massive, but in the same way putting humans into a tin can and launching them skyward atop thousands of gallons of explosives was insane, interfacing with computers makes sense to me.

We have to start somewhere. As is often the case, Elon Musk is among the leaders in this new evolution of humankind. I’ll put some links to his talk below.

But, if you really want an entertaining and informative analysis, check out Answers with Joe and his 12min coverage of “Wait, But Why?” below. He manages to go deep without drowning you. The implications of merging minds with computers and therefore with each other are…staggering. This guy gets you there really well. If you’re short on time, and who isn’t, just watch this one.

Human augmentation with technology is increasing exponentially. Prosthetic limbs have become extraordinary as they are able to be controlled by the brain. You can go far and deep with Transhumanism, but too much for this post.

We are already interfacing with computers everyday. We google and search endlessly. Being able to think the thought and retrieve the response mentally is the next logical step. It’s also extremely complicated as you progress further and further as seen in the video above.

What happens when we truly connect? There’s endless conjecture, most of which is possible. How do we manage that much data? How do we keep our privacy? If we’re in the data stream, we can be ‘read’ like anything else? Can I hide my thoughts? Can I prevent myself from being exposed to data, ideas or people I don’t wish to know? Will we then be able to truly understand each other or will our conflict simply take different forms? There are no answers to this. Not yet.

Concepts like Hivemind and mind control (Borg, anyone?) become constructs worth considering when we leave the confines of our own minds. So does the invention of entire worlds that are far superior to our own. Matrix and Ready Player One come to mind. We could live that kind of life. There’s some great reading in this 2016 article from Jelor Gallego titled: Becoming Borg: What Is a Hive Mind in Science and Could Humanity Get There?

Above, Answers With Joe mentions being able to download and relive someone else’s experience. Now there’s a head trip for you. Ha ha. And yes, that will take porn to a whole new level. We’re not going there. Not today 😉

I could spend months on this alone. For now, I’ll watch on the side. So many areas are on the brink of exponential growth it’s staggering when you look around. Space exploration, mind control of prosthesis, nano technology, bio technology, materials science. The list goes on. I love the idea of treating aging as a disease. It’s all amazing, wonderful, and scary as hell.

Humans are driven to explore and discover. We can’t help it. If something is possible, even if it’s illegal, someone will do it. That’s a given. Every time we ban something for moral/ethical reasons–human cloning for one–I kind of cringe. The cliched ‘mad scientist’ is cliché for a reason. If it can be done, it will.

I think progress is inevitable. Our moving among the stars is necessary. We will get there assuming we don’t annihilate ourselves first. The world of science fiction is filled with wondrous things, like living sentient spaceships, and human’s with tails. It’s also filled with countless horrors.

I choose to see the bright side. I’m not ignoring the hazards, just accepting the inevitable and putting my usual positive spin on it.

Here’s to the expansion of our minds, our consciousness and the space in which we live.

Here are the links I promised: This is a decent 18min recap of the AI interface. You can swim through the full 1:45min video here.

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