Life’s Train Stations and #Brilliance

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Pretty much everything I write has what I call a dream seed. Usually, a scene that ends up incorporated into my story.

I’m a dream freak. I’ve always remembered so much of my dream life I’m constantly asking “Did I dream this or did I…” You’d be surprised how much of our dreams is ordinary everyday stuff. If I was flying over a canyon without wings or a plane, it was probably a dream, but if it’s a conversation or everyday event, who knows?

Anyway, 2016 started out horribly with multiple deaths. My dreams died along with the rest. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t remembering my dreams. I didn’t even know if I was dreaming. That’s an incredibly strange thing for someone like me. And worse, what little I did remember was mundane. Boring. I felt lost, grounded in a bad way. I wanted to fly again. It’s taken months, but things are slowly improving.

I had a dream recently about being in a train station. I’d just disembarked from a very long ride and there I was standing in the middle of a busy platform with people walking by all around me. Everyone going places, on a mission, but not me. I’d just arrived and didn’t know where to go. Didn’t know anyone.

It occurs to me that life is a series of train rides. Some short (that guy you dated in college) and others much longer (your relationship with your parents). They overlap (we’re talking dream logic here, just go with it) but sometimes it all comes to a halt. You’ve gotten off every single train. That’s where I found myself in that station. Where was I going to go next? What train should I get on?

As I looked around, people started solidifying and I spoke to them.

My life has mirrored this dream. I’ve started reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. There are extraordinary people where ever you go. People who shine with brilliance. I’ve made it a mission to get to know the people in my station. My community. I’m going to be bringing them to you as they come to me. I’m hoping this will be a ray of light in a world that at times is full of darkness.

Stay tuned for #Brilliance



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