Craig Sellars and the North American Bitcoin Conference 2018

Hello all,

I just returned from The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami and will be doing a series of short posts. Blockchain is the future and the race as already begun. The event was impressive. I’ll be highlighting my favorite bits over the next few days so stay tuned.

First a shoutout to Dr. Moe Levin, keynote speaker and Founder of the conference. Thank you, Moe!

Sorry for the crap pictures. A photographer, I am not. It was a fantastic event full of energy and buzz. Bitcoin magazine ( reported last year’s attendance numbers to be “in the hundreds.” This year touted 4K attendees. Looks like bitcoin and blockchain are growing up.

In the interest of time, and because I brought home Con Crud, I’m going to jump right in with Craig Sellars. He’s the founder of Omni Foundation, Tether, co-founder and advisor at BLOCKv, and vAtomic Systems. And no doubt involved in a lot more.

Craig’s talk stood out for me for a few reasons. In crypto time he’s been around awhile. He’s almost a billion years old in crypto years.

He’s responsible for Omni layer. This was an insight of his that started out as Mastercoin. The Omni layer rides on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to create decentralized peer-to-peer exchanges, as well as smart contracts etc. This basically ties the Tether tokens to bitcoins in a meta layer. Cool stuff. Too complicated to delve into but worth a look for those geeks out there.

His talk was quite involved but I’m not getting into coins or platforms here, just an overview with interesting nuggets.

At one point, he spoke of the blockchain as a living entity. I could totally see the analogy of a self contained ecosystem.  I had a fun little mental squirrel around this concept. Maybe this is where AI jumps out at us when we weren’t looking. Self-spawned blockchain babies. Hey, in this day and age, anything is possible.

He finished up by dishing out the big one for me. And it’s weird because I’d read it before. I’d heard it before. But for some reason, this time it penetrated my grey matter.

The blockchain has the power to provide scarcity of a digital asset.

Read that sentence again. I got chills just writing it.

Need a translation? You put your book out there in the blockchain and IT CAN’T BE STOLEN. No one gets it without your permission. Assuming, of course, the infrastructure is executed properly.  This is yet another aspect of the game-changing nature of blockchain.

Can you imagine what a difference it will make when artists such as your’s truly can release content like books or songs and know that they can control the usage? No pay, no play. Does that not turn you on? It should.

Honestly, we lose billions every year to pirates. People who don’t give a damn how many hours we put into our products or whether we get paid. I’m not done with this aspect of blockchain. I am so stoked by what the future has in store.

So, cheers to Craig Sellars for a blinding moment of personal insight.

Stay tuned,

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