Cinema as Meditation by Jason Silva. Yes, but…

I stumbled upon Jason Silva not long ago and love his Youtube series, “Shots of Awe”.

BOOM, baby! Powerful, short and fast.

It’s the kind of thing I like to start my day with.

This one, Cinema As Meditation, caught my eye for a number of reasons, the most obvious I’m sure you can guess.

I’d argue that what he says here is also true for books. And not just reading them, but writing them as well. There is that state, that fugue, that you can get into when writing (or any creative endeavor) that is just like what Jason describes here.

“During these moments of complete immersion, when you are enveloped in that other world, that absolute unmixed attention becomes a form of prayer. You heed to it. You submit and surrender to it.”

Oh, hell yes. I’ve often said that when I’m ‘in the zone’ it’s more like channeling than making shit up. I’m simply trying to type fast enough to capture everything as it’s playing out in my mind. I never did, however, consider it a form of meditation or prayer, but I can totally see that. Jason goes on to say this about when you’ve finished such an immersion:

“And you are cleansed. because it’s like a psychic carwash. Defragments the hard drive. it’s like a total immersive flow-state. When you come out of the movie, Oh my God, it’s like you’ve been cleansed. You’ve had catharsis. You’ve experienced the mythological motif. You’ve taken the hero’s journey.”

Anyone who’s lost themselves in a book or movie knows this to be true.

“Everytime you become one with the movie, you’ve had a transcendental meditation. Not only do you get to meditate, you get to go on a fucking journey of ecstaticĀ illumination and pop out on the other side and say Thank You…”

This is why we can watch our favorite movies over and over. As with life itself, it’s the journey that matters.


My desire is that everyone comes to know this state of mind. It’s powerful. Mind opening. Necessary.

I hope you have an outstanding day. #MakeItCount


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