All New Florida Blockchain Business Association

Greetings all,
We have a new resource for blockchain in Florida. Below you’ll find a micro plot of my blockchain/crypto journey along with some stellar resources. Each and every one is follow worthy!
My first blockchain home was found via Meetup at the new headquarters of Blockspaces in Tampa. I was lucky enough to be present for their first gathering in their new digs. This is the Tampa Mecca of all things blockchain. They have meetings nearly everyday and house some of our best developers in the space.
Thank you Gabe Higgins  and Rosa Shores  for building a truly innovative community. You can check them out at or follow along on their FaceBook page Tampa Bay Bitcoineers.
Another key influence for me was Henry Raines from The Henry Raines Show podcast. I show up and try to act like I know what I’m doing when I can. Definitely worth a listen! His cast of characters comprises our Crypto Crew. A brain trust that I’m eternally grateful for. Henry, Andy, Kara, Lennart, Coleen, Sam… you guys are amazing.
A special shout out to Samuel Armes, founder of RealPolitech. A young man making waves in our politics to facilitate change and progress.

A group of these brilliant souls has come together to help lead the way for Florida’s move into the next big thing. Go and check out Florida Blockchain Business Association.
All of us are, collectively, on a mission to make Tampa Bay a standout in the Blockchain community. Follow the links and check it out!
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