9/11, the Death of NASA’s Space Program, and Now.

Back in 2011 when NASA formalized the death of the shuttle program I was devastated. That program, that dream, had fed my soul for so very long. How could we possibly turn our backs on the future?

picture by thefreshqoutes.com

Of course, on this day in 2001, 9/11, the world changed. Everything was overshadowed by the horrific events of that day and the weeks and months that followed.




The human spirit is a force of its own. Now is the only time that matters and forward is the only direction.

My dismay over the demise of the shuttle program has since turned to awe. We have not failed in our quest for space. Private and public companies led by those who shared my dreams stepped up and went far beyond anything I had hoped for.

The space race is on and it’s a beautiful thing. Dangerous and full of challenges, but that’s  never stopped us before. Everyone involved knows the risks and they take them willingly.

It is on this day of remembrance that I give a nod to our future. Specifically, to the contenders in the Lunar xPrize contest. Although there will only be one winner, there are no losers.

About Google Lunar xPrize.

Here are the contenders.

I have to give a special shout out to a neighbor of mine here in Florida, Moon Express. I’m rooting for you!


As always have a great day and #MakeItCount!



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