Tainted Magic

Welcome to Tainted Magic! A new novella in S.E. Smith’s Magic New Mexico series!

The Witch and the Wolf…

Arabella Visante is the daughter of the High Priestess of the last pureblood coven in existence. The law of the coven forbids a witch or warlock from joining with any other – but, what is a witch to do when she finds her true mate is a wolf shifter?

Dante Liekos feels the call of his mate on a cellular level. He quickly realizes that being with him would force Arabella to betray her coven. Unable to allow his mate to suffer, Dante makes the most difficult decision of his life – to let Arabella go. He hides his own feelings in order to keep her safe and give her a future where she belongs.

Spinning out of control, Arabella is confused by the messages she receives from the Fates and her love for Dante. Broken and lost, she is unable to choose between her coven and her mate and is driven to take a dangerous path – one that could ultimately lead to her death.

Will the coven – and Arabella’s parents – understand that sometimes love doesn’t follow the rules?

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