Weird Behavior of Coated Cookware

My ex is a brilliant cook and when we met, I’d only just begun trying to make edible sustenance. It wasn’t always pretty…or edible. My attempts never came close to his delicacies, so I soon took the path of least resistance and let him do it. 

Times change. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. I had to cook or be condemned to a life of reheating pre-made meals. I’ve always been rather suspicious about coatings on pots and pans. Stainless steel always felt far more trustworthy and less chemically. 

I’m on week five of being a nomad and had need of a sauce pan recently. The grocery store didn’t have any classic stainless steel (Publix, I’m looking at you) so I opted for what, according to their marketing/packaging, was the healthier option. I realize that’s probably an oxymoron, but work with me.

It’s a ceramic-coated pan that has some pretty weird shit going on. 

There is no doubting this pan wins hands-down on the cleanup factor. It’s like magic, the way nothing sticks, even when I made an omelette that exploded with cheese. It slid out of the pan so easily that it nearly went airborne when I whipped around to reach my plate. 

Recently I made my favorite sunny side up egg with smoked salmon and tomato on the side. Attached you’ll find a video of said egg. It’s….odd.

The surface not only doesn’t stick, it appears to repel the contents cooking on it. Look closely and you’ll see the edges of the egg trying to escape. Help me, get me out…

You can see in the video below how the egg wanted nothing to do with that pan. It was keeping its shit to itself. Additionally, the bottom surface of the egg had gained a thin, plastic like layer that is totally wrong on an egg of any kind. 

Having witnessed this first hand, I have to say there’s something comforting about the way food loves my stainless steel. It adores the pan to the point of wanting to become one with it forever.

Took me awhile but I finally found the key to cleaning said pans. Put some soapy water in them and return to the hot cook top while you eat. Viola! Easy peasy. I’ll reunite with that pan someday. For now, it’s in storage with the rest of what I own.

Once I find a decent travel replacement, I will be releasing said ceramic coated pan to the wild where it belongs. 

If you’ve got any weird/funny stories about coated cookware, I’d love to hear it.


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  1. Dona Lee says:

    I recently saw an advertisement for this Nomad pan on the Weather Channel. It looked pretty amazing. Have you tried it with anything else?

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