Valencia and Score One for the Asshats.

Hola from Valencia! And the adventure continues! I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this post standing outside the US Consulate in Barcelona. Good times! Ha. You roll with it, right? You take what you have and make the most of it. 

If you missed the previous blog, you can find it here.

So far I’ve been in Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia and Madrid (Ok, now Barcelona but I’ll get back to that.) This isn’t your average vacation. I’m not trying to do all the tourist things. I’m trying to read a city by staying in a small pocket. To get a feel of what living there would be like. To test the energy and see if something inside says yes. It’s like meeting someone you might be interested in for the first time. Energy is everything. Dance with me and I’ll take you to another world!

So, Valencia… Not many pictures as we spent a lot of time trying to get the theft sorted. Obviously I loved the peek-a-boo church tops.

Not nearly as fond of Pikachu who crowed “Hola” in a way that was just wrong. 😉 And the train from Madrid had wonderful glimpses of seaside towns and beaches. Worth it just for that.

We stayed in a little barrio that was pure delight. After getting settled, Ali was set on a few restaurants to try. A rather long cab ride later we discovered our objective was closed for September. A quick search said restaurant number two on the list was just under a mile away. Off we went…only to find it closed to the public. The curse of Ali continues. We opted for the place next door. On the beach it was rather picture perfect for a beachfront promenade but oddly, I didn’t get the usual rush from the water that I normally do. And that was before Ali’s purse was stolen. 

Yes, Ali’s purse vanished from underneath our noses. Literally. She’d stashed it underneath the table. Little bastards. That pretty much derailed the rest of the night and a big chunk of the next day. After dinner we walked a short distance to the police station. While there Ali recalled that a set of the keys to that Airbnb were in her purse. And, as all good tales go, those keys were labeled with the address and flat number. Ali, even though she knew better, had all her ID and money with her. I figured we didn’t need to be in the same situation if they came to the flat. I left Ali in the not so helpful hands of the local police with enough money to cab it back to the flat and took off. 

Everything checked out. As I noted in a previous post, if you have a key in the door, they can’t get in from the outside so I felt perfectly safe sleeping at night. I didn’t feel so safe leaving my ID etc there while we ventured out during the last day and a half. I opted for bringing my most valued things with me and guarding my backpack with my life. My neck and shoulders doth (doeth? Lol) protest too much, methinks. 

The following morning, a Friday, we headed for the US consulate only to discover it was closed till Monday. Of course. Ali’d heard she could get the police department to provide travel docs for our flight on Sunday to Ibiza. We headed there next. That was a total bust as well, but when you have three stunningly handsome uniformed men trying to help, you really can’t complain. Apologies for no pictures. I’ll let you use your imagination on this one.

It was around this time I decided that Ali needed some serious de-jinxing, or energy clearing or perhaps an exorcism. lol. Only half kidding here. I believe our energies have a tremendous influence on our lives. Ali is one of the most positive people I’ve ever known so…

Realizing it was time for a Plan B we did the only logical thing under the circumstances. We found a lovely cafe to have a drink until the restaurant we wanted to eat at opened at 1pm. It’s all about priorities. Fortunately, Ali can laugh her way through pretty much anything.

The following morning I spent hours getting us a train to Barcelona for a replacement visa and last minute accommodations at an Airbnb. We’re hoping to get what we need by Tuesday so we can grab a flight to Ibiza for the last few days of our planned segment. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I loved the little barrio we stayed in. It was adorable and vibrant and a safe harbor from the storm of being robbed. The woman who owns the Airbnb, Marcia, also owned a restaurant below us. She didn’t speak English but her daughter did as well as a waiter that worked there. They were absolutely wonderful and kind with all things. 

That whole intersection of streets came alive throughout the day peaking at night when the younger crowd flooded the area. 

Wonderful energy. We met a couple of british women on holiday on Saturday and spent a nice afternoon drink with them. 

Yep, that little barrio was the perfect spot. I can’t say Valencia is on my list to live at this point. Water access was too dodgy and ditto green space, but I have to remind myself we saw a very small part of it. With Ali joining me, I altered my original plans so there was no week there. Only three nights. Definitely not enough time. 


This space was fabulous! The view out the kitchen window was the definition of charming. It was loud at night but it didn’t bother either of us. 

Ali got the big bed on this trip and it was a slice of heaven. 

I had a tiny twin bed, and by tiny I mean my 5’10” bod had to go diagonally a bit if I wanted to lay flat. #Tallgirlproblems It was hard too. I made it doable by putting a big comforter on the mattress. I’m in such a great place spiritually it really didn’t bother me. Was a time it would have sucked. Not now.

This adventure that I’m on is amazing. I’ve had many women tell me I’ve inspired them to do something similar.  That makes me happy. I love to think I can help others find, develop, and own their power. 

Life is meant to be fun.

We need the ups and downs.

The highs would be meaningless without the lows.

As I progress on this path, I’m finding the highs are getting higher and so are the lows. 

What next, universe? I’m thrilled with anticipation.

Next in my nomad series, Plan B Barcelona, here we come!

With love,

I am a space exploration enthusiast, electrical engineer, cultural anthropologist, crypto advocate and science fiction romance author. A newly minted nomad and Phych-K Facilitator, join me as I travel the world in search of magic, adventure and insanely smart people filled with love.

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