The Possibilities of Meditation

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Fifteen minutes a day can make a difference.

I enjoy discussions about meditation. People come at it in so many different ways. I tried meditating on and off when younger, it just never stuck. Meditating clicked when I was going through a separation. It really launched when my youngest turned me onto ambient noise videos on YouTube. I spent months finding the sweet spot while listening to Airplane Cabin noise. It’s a thing. 

Over time, I found a rhythm to start my day. I’d grab a cup of coffee or tea and head out to meditate. Weather permitting, I love to sit outside. I have a pair of Bose headphones and cycle through different things depending upon my mood. The cabin noise has been giving way to other more complex things. Binaural beats, alpha waves, music to raise vibration, or to concentrate. The possibilities are endless. I repeat favorites and experiment with new stuff often. 

I know people who shoot for forty minutes to an hour or more a day. That just isn’t going to happen for me. Not reliably, anyway. I aim for fifteen minutes, and I make it the majority of the time. That’s it. Fifteen minutes. It works for me in a powerful way.

My goal isn’t zero thought, it’s to quiet the monkey brain in order to connect with my higher self. That comes in different ways from day to day. At times it’s a calm during which I’m simply open to receiving. The universe is talking to us 24/7. The noise and distractions of life make it tough to listen. When you set aside time to deliberately quiet your mind and be open, you’ll find fascinating things happen. Roll with it. Explore the experience. See where it leads.

Other days, my objective has a different vibe. My intention in life is to be joyful. I like to say I’m a hunter of magic, because that’s where the joy is. On the days when I go to start meditation and find that I’m already in a state of bliss, then I take the time to revel in it. 

I play uplifting music (another great YouTube search term) and let my imagination run. I fantasize about my dreams coming true. I play out scenes in my mind of what it will be like to have what I desire. 

My aim here is to FEEL the emotions of that event.  During those 15 minutes I allow myself to play. Anything is possible. I’ve been in space many times. Visualization mixed with joyous emotion is incredibly powerful and pretty damn fun to boot. There’s a lot of research on visualization. I think the secret sauce is the emotion. When you see and experience the emotions of an event, that’s powerful. It’s also a form of prayer in many cultures. It’s believed to attract that which we imagine.

The only trick to this is that you have to be in a state where those thoughts are bringing you joy. If you’re down about something, thinking about it is just going to bum you out. Don’t go there. When that’s the case, I go for a blank mind and reaching for that ever present love that fills the universe.

I came at meditation from a need to get a handle on an out-of-control life. It’s gotten me through some dark times, but there are other benefits as well. There’s a tremendous body of research on the health benefits of meditation and mindfulness in general. It’s proven effective against anxiety, depression, blood pressure, the list goes on. 

Try different techniques. Listen to different things. Explore who you are outside the noise of reality. Here’s to living a longer, healthier, happier life. 

I hope you find your zen. 

With Love,

I’m Sabine Priestley, an electrical engineer and author of Science Fiction Romance novels (yes, that kind of novel). I am a dreamer and a chaser of magic. Fluent in sarcasm.

Officially nomad as of June 1st, everything I own is in a 10’x10’ storage in Florida. It’s never too late to chase your dreams, and after a recent divorce, I’ve decided to live those dreams and make them real. I’m looking for home.

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