Setbacks and Forward Thinking

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I recently had reason to say “Without the lows, the highs wouldn’t mean much.” Whenever I find myself on the negative side of the proverbial sine wave of life I try and remember that. Sometimes it’s easier than others. Sometimes I just sit at the bottom and have myself a pity party.

Table for one with whine and cheese.

Now is an interesting time to be writing this blog. I’m struggling with a new series and I do mean struggling. I’ve probably netted 2000 words in the last two weeks. That’s not me. I’m so flipping excited about the characters and the world but after hemorrhaging 45,000 words it’s come to a near halt.  I don’t know enough. Enough about the characters, the politics, and the technology.

It’s coming. One. Painful. Nugget. At. A. Time.

I feel guilty when I don’t write. I hate guilt.

So here’s me in setback mode. I bought one of those popular coloring books for grown-ups. Try another form of creativity, right?

It’s been sitting on my desk for two weeks. Mocking me. Bastard. The beautiful colored pens that came with it are talking behind my back. I’ll show them. I’m going to take all the caps off and fling them around the house for the cats to play with.

This too shall pass. My mom always said that. Fine. Get on with it already. In the meantime, I’m working out like a crazy woman and not losing an ounce. I feel better though.

I have so much to be grateful for. I know that. I also have a new book out today. Liberation is the third book in my Alien Attachments series. Click. Buy. Rate. Make me happy.

Liberation Print Cover

Looking forward, I have a whole world to build and I know it’s going to be rich and multi layered and damned amazing. So there, coloring book.






Here’s to everyone having a KickAss year in 2016!


Sabine red

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