Perception and Wardrobe Malfunctions: Marseille, France

I’m taking a break from location posting for some random musings. I’ll get to Ibiza and Mallorca, eventually. 

I’ve been a nomad for one hundred and sixteen days now. I’m doing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love. I’ve learned so much about who I am over the past few years. I still wake at times amazed at what I’m doing. The reactions I get when I tell people are varied. Some look at me like I’ve lost my mind, some with envy, and others with horror. I find the latter amusing. 

Life is all in the way we perceive our current environment. Where some see a lack of security and fear, I see a quest for a new home. A grand adventure. Isn’t that what life is all about? 

The perception thing is interesting. I’m coming to understand we can deal with most anything with grace and acceptance, we have to reframe it to our best advantage. Easier said than done. I recently went through something with my ex. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve made it through the divorce as friends. I appreciate that so much. When I learned he was dating a woman that was my best friend once upon a time, I went sideways. Alignment blown. Ha. Life. Eventually, I had to let go of what society says is right and wrong. So much of what screws us up in life is our social constructs. The should and shouldn’t of society. I took the sense of betrayal and pain and reframed it. I believe in love. I believe we all deserve our own happy ever after. If those two find love and joy, I will celebrate it with them. That transformation took three days of humaning hell. I’ll get better at it. #DontSweatTheSmallStuff  #ItsAllSmallStuff

The views while at sea thrill me. The stars are so much brighter away from the city lights. I may have to add “find the darkest night sky to really see the galaxy” to my bucket list. I’ve found the last few nights I’ll sleep for 3-4 hrs then feel compelled to step outside and just gaze. The rhythm of the wake as the ship moves combined with the stars is a special environment. 

Malaga, Spain Grafitti

I can’t take photos of the night sky so I’ll just leave you with the above. I want to do a small boat, one that can go where the cruise ships can’t. One that I can control. #power

We docked in Marseille in the pre-dawn hours. Because I plan to move to Europe, I’m unhindered by the fear of missing out #FOMO on sightseeing. I’m working on this blog with a view of shore at almost noon. No rush. No stress. 

So, getting to my wardrobe problem. I picked up a nice little swim suit cover in Torremolinos. Adorable, right?

I wanted a place to read and maybe take a dip, do a bit of journaling…but the wind was wicked. I ended up in the Spa Cafe (great spot, btw) at a table. I’m working on a new Sci-Fi series and totally stoked about it. I did some plotting then had to go get ready for the afternoon workshop. 
Sidenote, I’ve recently embarked on a mission to upgrade my attire. Jeans are slowly giving way to dresses. Yay, for my inner Goddess! 

Carpe Diem Bar, Barcelona

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty spiffy in my hat and cute coverup as I head back. I stopped for a drink to take to my cabin on the way. I walked nearly the entire ship length. It wasn’t until I got off the elevator on my floor that a nice, polite gent flagged me down and told me my “dress was tucked in in back.” As in half my butt was hanging out.
I burst out laughing. Of course it was. Thank the powers that be I was wearing my bikini and not a thong. Was a time this would have mortified me, now it’s just fucking funny!

Life is what we make. Make yours grand! Surround yourself with people that uplift you and want you to succeed. If your company isn’t cheering you on, time for a new crowd. 

Alicante, Spain

Next up in my nomad series is Ibiza and the Airbnb with a Whip.

With Love,

I’m Sabine Priestley, an electrical engineer and author of Science Fiction Romance novels (yes, that kind of novel). I am a dreamer and a chaser of magic. Fluent in sarcasm.
Officially nomad as of June 1st, everything I own is in a 10’x10’ storage in Florida. It’s never too late to chase your dreams, and after a recent divorce, I’ve decided to live those dreams and make them real. I’m looking for home.
I invite you to come with me while I explore! Sign up for my blog at

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  1. Ali St Paul says:

    I love this!!!!
    Your soul, your spirit, your energy!!! I love you!!!
    Cheers, my traveling nomad, my partner in crime, my friend…..
    Cant wait to see where this journey takes you!!
    Stay safe, smile often, and yes….. wear dresses!!!!
    Love you!!

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