Mediterranean Cruise and Channeling Abraham

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It’s funny how things get started. My entire quest for a new home started with a whim. Take a cruise. Alone. With a bunch of strangers who get this thing called Abraham Hicks.

My mom past away in early 2016. I used the last of her small inheritance on this cruise. She heartily approved, both of the cruise and what it morphed into…a decision to move to Europe. I’ve only met a handful of people that have done this kind of thing. Give up pretty much everything and go find a place to grow and explore. Florida was a great environment to raise our spawn. Aside from the hurricanes, no regrets. I just feel like I’ve chewed all the flavor out of that place. Time for a new piece of gum in Europe. It’s hard to explain the pull of this adventure.

So, Abraham Hicks…I had no idea this was such a big deal. A bunch of people spent a boat load of money (ha) to make that cruise.

And it was a big deal. Of 3000 passengers, 1000 of us were there because of Abraham. The real beauty of attending, was meeting so many others that “get it.” No need to explain what Abraham Hicks is, although there was plenty of that going on. With 1/3 of the passengers involved, there were a lot of curious people onboard wondering what kind of cult it was. lol

I kept it simple. Just a bunch of people who believe in the power of positive thought.

This is as close to a religion as I’ve ever come. In the end, the message isn’t follow me, it’s get in touch with your higher self. You have all the answers you need right there. You can scratch any curiosity itch by going to YouTube and searching Abraham Hicks. ‘Nuf said.

AH has guided me through some of the worst days of my life. I attended a workshop in Orlando earlier in the year and it was good. It doesn’t matter what the venue is, when you get a group of people together who are energized and full of positive thoughts, it’s uplifting.

Interestingly, the workshops didn’t pan out the way I expected. From day one, it hit me that “I got this. I don’t need to be here.” So I happily skipped big chunks of the events.

There are nuances to the “teachings” of Abraham. I’ll keep listening to the YouTube vids because as I continue to grow and change, I get different meanings from things I’ve heard before. Such is life. 

It was a great experience. I met some wonderful people. Quite a few I hope to hear from again. 

The cruise itself was different due to my journey. I wasn’t the least worried about missing out on anything. I skipped going ashore a number of times just to work on my blog or books and chill onboard. To just “be” and enjoy the now with zero objective. That is a thing of beauty, right there. 

I booked a single cabin with a balcony. It was a great space for one. More than one with the corresponding luggage and things would get tight fast.

I even had a private sendoff party.

I wasn’t the only one there not feeling the need to attend every moment. Tracy and I met the first day and both missed the opening of AH due to our desire to be on deck at departure. #worthit

One of my favorite hangouts was the Martini Bar. Of course. I left my mark every time. #love

Those Martini Boyz know how to entertain. A dozen martinis anyone?

I found a number of workspaces around the ship. The Spa Cafe was a favorite, but I neglected to get a shot of that one. The wine cellar was the best.

Having been there and done that, I skipped Valencia and caught up on blogging. Next up was Alicante and although I was only there a few hours, I loved it. Second contender in Spain.

No idea what’s up with the shrooms, I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland there. 

As with Malaga it has a vibrant yet relaxed vibe. The feel of a small town with a lot going for it. #beaches

The Mercado is brilliant. A true working market with plenty of things to satisfy the hungry visitor as well as the serious produce shopper. 

The esplanade waves on the way back to the ship seriously messed with my equilibrium. And, no. I’d only had one beer at that point 😉 I’ve no doubt people have lost their place in the world due to the effect. 

The next stop was Gibraltar where I signed up for a 3.5hr tour. Who knew it was so dangerous? One guy in our group got bit. Another 7 or 8 yr old child (not in my group) was basically accosted in the tram by a monkey trying to get to his backpack. Poor thing was so traumatized they left the tour. The child, not the monkey.

You can’t really blame the monkeys, the humans were just as bad at times. Seriously, dude. Get away from the baby! #humans

There were amazing views of Africa & Tangiers from the rock. Africa calls to me like a number of other places. Someday.

Saint Michael’s Cave was amazballs.

Yoda and the angel. Loved it. 

Windsor Galleries was next. The rock is not solid. It’s always had caves, but adding tunnels to place cannons at the top led to a better solution. They needed air in those tunnels so they punch outward, at which point they realized placing cannons around the perimeter from the inside was a better idea.

Hmmm maybe we should put the cannons here instead of on top… 

It was back to Malaga after that. Having spent a week there and already fallen for it, I worked during the morning and ventured into town for lunch. I met up with Tracy and we both scored a few 6 euro wraps. I added a few dresses as well. My Goddess transformation continues.

A bit of a stroll to town and back but doable.

Malaga has lovely parks along their marina.

Bodegas El Pimpi was a favorite place. Lunch for less than 5 euro. Gotta love it.

El Pimpi has a bar of fame in the middle. Antonio Banderas Y Melanie Griffith for example. It’s a fun place and not to be missed.

Next up on my nomad adventures Cruise Part II: Polyamory and Starships

With love,

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