Med Cruise II – Polyamory and Starships

Polyamory and Starships.

Villefrance Cote d’Azur, France – Monaco, Eze and Nice.

I was up early for a stunning sunrise as we anchored off of Villefrance. Nothing like having a postcard view. It’s a beautiful location and we had perfect weather. 

The Celebrity Reflection is a big ship. So much so that it dwarfed the massive yacht next to it. #Minime There were some really nice yachts in the harbor. That black one is 007. The one below it? That’s my future ride 😉

I signed up for a “Nice City Tour” but it was more like a “Monaco and Eze with Nice Thrown in on the way back to the ship” tour. Far better than described. We wound our way on a bus between France, Monaco and back to France again. It’s a short trip.

Poly What?

The day was made more interesting by a gentleman who kept me company throughout the tour. The woman he was traveling with missed the bus and he struck up a conversation as we departed. We had some interesting discussions about life, energy and thoughts creating things. After the tour we had lunch at which point he said he was a polyamorist. “A what?” I asked.

Google defines it as this: Polyamory (from Greek πολύ poly, “many, several”, and Latin amor, “love”) is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the consent of all partners involved. It has been described as “consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy”.

I recalled at that point that I knew an author with multiple wives. I’ve spent time with them at book signings and they are an amazing family. Kids and grandkids everywhere. It’s a beautiful thing when it works.

Curious as to how they navigated the emotional side of things I asked a ton of questions. We had many interesting discussions on the ups and downs of having such relationships. He’s a lovely man, and kindly offered to share my bed. If only there had been chemistry, but there wasn’t and I need that in a physical relationship. It’s been far too difficult to find. Perhaps I need some kind of adjustment? Any suggestions? No pills, please. Pretty sure I qualify as a virgin again. Ha ha. Suffice to say he made for an interesting spice in the day’s flavor.

Monoco is locked in with nowhere to go but up and out by reclaiming land from the ocean. It’s tense and crowded with more money than sense. An experience to be had for sure. 

I was fortunate enough to have been there for the Monaco Grand Prix in my previous life—that being my married life—so it was fun to drive over the finish line. I’ll never forget the constant buzz echoing off the buildings and mountains as the cars tore through the streets. Earplugs were a much needed accessory. I saw my buddy Steven there. Spielburg? Heard of him?

After Monaco we drove up the hills with jaw dropping views of the Cote d’Azure. 


We stopped at Eze for an hour. It was a delight. I want to return someday and spend an entire afternoon there.

Nice is nice, but like other big cities, it’s massively sprawling. Lisbon, Valencia, Barcelona…all wonderful places, but I’m realizing that I need more nature. The beach has called to me from day one. I’m a Pieces on the cusp of Aries for what it’s worth. I cringe a little when I’m in a concrete jungle or a sea of cement. I want a place big enough to have cafes and markets I can walk to. Live music and happy people. Small enough to be able to get out of it quickly. Be it the beach or a forest. My sweet spot. 

I caught another nice sunset on our way out that night. 

The next stop was Civitavecchia, the stopping point for exploring Rome. Turned off by the hour plus drive to get there I worked a bit then walked into town. Let’s just say there isn’t much there, there. Celebrity screwed up on this one. It was a hot day and they hadn’t scheduled enough busses to and from the port. I waited nearly 40min in a growing line. Many of those in line had no shade, I did for half the time.                                                                     Given that it was the worst thing that happened on the entire cruise, I can’t complain. Much.


Up early the next stop, I went to the bow and watched us come into Naples.

Another sprawling city, but as with each, it has its own charm. You just have to know where to look. I, of course, stayed near the water. A short trolly tour was perfect. 

I had a saladgasm for lunch. The guy with the balloons made for a splash of color walking back and forth, and am I the only one who sees a giant…never mind.

Behind the Scenes on Celebrity’s Reflection.

I was impressed by the number of female officers on board. This is Alexandra, 3rd Officer from Romania. I’ll be watching her so I can sail again when she’s Captain. Turns out Celebrity is a leader in this respect. Well done, Celebrity! Women and Celebrity Cruises.

The last day of the cruise I went on a “Behind the Scenes Tour” of the ship. Fascinating for sure! 

The Bridge is a thing of beauty. Definitely not your bridge of old. The nav console was cool as was the reassembled inauguration Champaign bottle.

So many insights into how you feed and care for over four thousand people a day. Doesn’t take much to imagine the laundry situation. #notmyjob #shootmenow

This bad boy dries, presses and folds sheets. #want

And the kitchen? Impressive to say the least.

The ship isn’t pushed like we’re used to in smaller vessels. It’s pulled. Four engins in two separate engine rooms power two massive propellers. Pulling versus pushing increases efficiency and decreases vibrations. Those propellers have a 360 degree turning radius that allows the ship to pivot on the spot. Pretty impressive to experience. 

One of the engine rooms.

Watertight doors are strategically placed throughout the ship. #goodidea

Each time the ship docks, it’s greeted by a harbor pilot. Not sure why it’s a pilot and not a captain, but there it is. A harbor ship comes along side and the pilot enters via a ladder. No doubt that can be a challenge in rough weather. 

According to our guide, the waste water management system is the most advanced in the world and costs more than the engines.


I got a lot of fodder on this tour for the challenges faced by spaceships, not to mention starships.  Settlements on the moon and Mars are just the first steps. Ships designed to mine the astroid belt seem like a no brainer. Miners and processing stations will need to support humans. Space radiation being what it is, it seems logical to go deep. An astroid could make the perfect base once hollowed out a bit. Yeah, easier said than done but humans generally don’t let the complexity of a thing stop them. Just ask that guy named Elon.

You can find part one of this post here.

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