Malaga and Torremolinos

I felt the energy of Malaga as I stepped off the plane. White clouds playing with the mountains in the distance reminded me of my childhood in Arizona. 

One of the interesting things of this trip is that it’s nearly all places I’ve never been before. Everyplace has a ‘feel’ to it, be it the gardens of the Cotswolds or the lakes in Italy, I feel places in my soul. 

Spain is a friend. Part of me knows this place. 

Malaga has the most beautiful city center. Pedestrian only (for the most part) it’s a maze of tiled alleys and narrow streets walled by four and five-story buildings, each corridor beckons with shops and cafes. The large and small plaza’s providing a break from the closed-in spaces.

Ah, the land of Tapas and paella! I had many dinners comprising one or two tapas and a drink. It usually came in under 11 euro.  

I decided to take a little hike to the top of the castle. Seriously, how can you not? The views are stunning but I wasn’t prepared. Three quarters of the way up I realized I was in big trouble if there wasn’t any cold water at the top. Rookie mistake. I’ve made a few of those so far. But I’m taking notes. It’s been decades since I traveled solo like this. As it was, there was a nice little cafe in the castle grounds to rehydrate and have a cold beer.

The castle and ruins are a stunning bookend overlooking the city center. Worth the 3 euro to walk the walls of the remains on top. 

Green spaces are sprinkled around and the redeveloped maria is boarded with a park. 

The people are chill in an energized kind of way. Overall, I found them to be friendly and unhurried. It’s in the air here. 

The beaches are right at your fingertips. I am scratching my head a bit as I didn’t see any public restrooms. None. One has to wonder what happens to all the kiddy poop? If I decide to live in this area, I will have to find the answer to this pressing question. 

I spent an afternoon with a friend of a friend and her partner in Caleta Del Sol. It was great having human interaction for a sustained period of time. 😉

They live in Caleta to the north of Malaga. A 45min bus ride that was less than 3 euros. Marietta and I ate in the neighboring village of Torre del Mar at a beach front place called Chiringuito Hermanos Moreno. It was a feast! I love the way they cook on a spit right at the bar.


The following day I took the bus (newly minted Bus Ninja! Mistakes were made here too. Lol) to Torremolino. Now there’s a beauty. A gently sloping hill with terraced houses leads to a stunning beach walk. Switchback alleys wind from top to bottom with the prerequisite shops and cafes.

The graffiti in both cites was frequently stunning! 

Another thing that struck me was the quiet. Malaga is a fair-sized city, but it was peaceful like a small town. When a horn honked or a police siren blared, it really stood out. Not like when you’re in  a larger place where the sounds blend into the signature, usually hard-rock, tune of a city.

My Uber driver to the train station on my exit day said that the beaches of Malaga aren’t clean like they are in Torremolino. So perhaps I was right. I’ve looked in both places and a longer term Airbnb is an option. It’s good to have options, but I’ve only just begun. 

It hasn’t rained once since I landed in Lisbon on Aug 20th. A quick consult with the Google says it’s only rains an average of 70 days a year. Is that enough for me? I may hate the cold, but a good rain storm is a thing of beauty. Another thing to add to my ‘where to land’ list of pros and cons.

Overall, I adored Malaga and Torremolino. I highly recommend it! 


This was a great place to stay. Lots of extras in the kitchen, napkins, paper towels, cling wrap etc. Same with the bathroom, with soap shampoo and little touches that make it home. Off the main road, it was really quiet. At least until the headbangers next door arrived two nights before I left. Gotta hand it to whoever he was. The man has stamina! Mar and Manuel were wonderfully helpful and Mar came and retrieved me from the airport. A great thing for a host to do!

The flat is next to cafes and shops. On your way to the magical city center, you’ll pass Victoria Square with a promenade of eating and drinking choices. Another five minutes and you’re in the center.

I feel bad as in my desire not to lose the key when I was packing up, I left it in the lock. Turns out that’s not a good thing to do. They were unable to get in because of it. Not sure what had to happen to fix that. Note to self. Don’t leave the key in the lock…

I’m waiting for my train to Madrid as I write this. I love train stations and airports. We are a chaotic bunch, going to and from. Human ants on our individual missions. 

It would be difficult to explain the mix of emotions I’m having. Love is leading this journey and I’m adrift with no paddles. It’s an amazing place to be.

Next up in my nomad series is Madrid, The City of Deep Breaths.

With love,

I am a space exploration enthusiast, electrical engineer, cultural anthropologist, crypto advocate and science fiction romance author. A newly minted nomad and Phych-K Facilitator, join me as I travel the world in search of magic, adventure and insanely smart people filled with love.

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