Adventures in Meditation


There’s a YouTube video that I spent a few months listening to when meditating. Like a good story it unfolds before you as you listen. In a way, it’s a lovely metaphor for life. 

My objective is to be happy. To live a life of joy and love. This music has a few different rhythms intertwining. As one becomes dominant the others fade to the background. Sometimes two will combine and the third all but disappears. 

One of these elements is a ticking sound, like that of a clock. 

The other is drum beat with a rhythm of its own. 

The third is… voices, like a choir. 

The last is a humming that takes over as the ticking clock fades away and we’re left with the voices. 


The clock is our reality. Life in the physical plain, bound by linear time. 

The drum is a step beyond that—a potential meeting place for your physical self and spirit

The hum is full transition to spirit. Leaving behind reality and time.

The voices are pure positive energy. Timeless and connected to everything. 

Here’s the track if you want to listen.

Being in touch with your higher self is nirvana. Literally heaven on earth. These experiences change you forever. There’s no coming back once you know the joy of that connection. 

As with day-to-day life, this music wends its way among the three elements. Life can be hard. Shit happens, people die. You can’t quell the ticking of this physical world. But even during the darkest hours, if you stop and listen, you can hear the drum and feel the energy of where you came from…calling, whispering, always there. Pure love.

At times, we’re perfectly balanced. Interacting with daily life on a level of love and acceptance. The components weaving together perfectly. 

And then there’s nirvana. Those times when you transcend this life and experience a bliss so powerful it can bring you to tears. 

I’ve met some very interesting people in my travels. People who have come at this from different perspectives and means. Some with sobriety and some with a plethora of drugs. Some with sex and others abstinence. 

As with religion, there is no right answer. There’s only your path. Your journey is the answer. It’s not a destination, it’s an ever evolving road. 

My wish is for everyone to find their bliss and enjoy their journey. The possibility is yours for the taking.

I’m Sabine Priestley, an electrical engineer and author of Science Fiction Romance novels—yes, the steamy kind. I’m currently studying the nexus of quantum physics and spirituality. There will be words. I am a dreamer and a chaser of magic. I love people who aren’t bound by that which we call reality. 


I’m blogging travel and exploring life at Brilliance.

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