1000 Deaths and Time to Remember

Reviewing last years journal I came across a dream in March that has never left me. Interestingly I’d forgotten a large part of it but two things really stuck.

First I’m being hunted, many of us are but I’m not worried. This is some kind of a game and I can escape anytime because I’m not in physical form. I’m flying past some kind of large mechanical apparatus used to destroy things when it turns and reaches out for me.

That shouldn’t happen, I’m supposed to be invisible! I fly up and away toward the boundary of this place but I can’t get through it. Again, this is impossible. The subatomic structure is somehow changing and preventing my astral body from leaving. Still, there is no fear but just a lot of “how are they doing this?”

Second, my point of perception shifts and shrinks down to the minuscule. I see a million tiny holes… and I know they are each soles, trapped in this space time event.

Next I’m being propelled down underground and through small passages and around pipes and such. It’s dark, too small of a space for a physical form and yet I keep having the sensation that I’m hitting my elbows on things as I’m forced along. “I don’t have elbows here…”

Than a dark place. Feels like I’m in a ditch at night somewhere and a thousand deaths begin. I am not in pain, and I am not afraid, but my “body” is being killed over and over in different ways.

I’m more of an observer as I watch and wonder how are they keeping me here? I have no body…

I began repeating “I am Love” over and over and then I woke.

As always I was researching many topics at this time. The dream was interesting because I guard my energy very consciously. I mind what I “consume” energetically from social media to any kind of movie or news. I’m simply not interesting in that which doesn’t serve the greatest good of humanities evolution.

The following day, I journaled about how different threads had come together.

Many of us love the Matrix movies for a lot of its subtexts. They fought to get back to their human bodies.

It seemed to me that now we are fighting to remember that we are so much more than these bodies, and that these bodies are capable of so much more than we currently believe.

We came to learn, to know duality. But we have come to be controlled by it. Trapped.

Now is the time of remembering, of going beyond our generational conditioning. Now we get to become aware and hyper conscious. We get to rediscover our abilities, and they are many and varied!

Love is the antidote to duality and the key to remembering.

We are eternal beings. This ‘reality’ is just a game, love. It’s just a game. Are you ready to play?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. If you’re feeling like you have no control over your life, reach out. I’m a catalyst for quantum consciousness and love nothing more than helping people become the author of their story and master of their game!



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