The Solar Eclipse, Panic and Pets In Space 2!

I love this photo, what an amazing composite of the ISS traversing the eclipse.

Credit: Joel Kowsky/NASA ISS transit composite-image

I had a fun day nipping out to see the partial (for us) Solar Eclipse. I also had a near heart attack. You know those warnings that went out ahead of time? “Beware of dodgy glasses that will fry your retinas!”

Well, I remembered when the event was over and I was back at my computer (being the good writer that I am). I’d been out watching, off and on, the entire time. When I sat down the screen was dim. Really dim. Then I remembered those warnings, and someone saying you won’t feel anything at first.

Fear worked its way through me as I considered just how long I had stared at the sun. And then I thought of my son (the other kind of sun, though no less bright) and nearly panicked. Was my 16yr old going to be blinded?

I’m sitting there, staring at my screen and trying not to panic. It really was dim. So I go and check the settings.

My relief was sublime. My new rescue cat, Stella, managed to press the F1 key. Probably stood on it for a few seconds. That’s the dimming key. Of all the keys she could have pressed, it had to be that key. On that day. At that time.

I tip my hat to the Universe and its sense of humor.

Here’s to all the fur babies out there, and all the sneaky things they do!

Any of your pets ever give you a scare? I’d love to hear about it.



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  1. Oh man, those pets will do that to you and then look at you, “what? I’m adorable.” LOL

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