Rebellion award love from the SFR Galaxy Awards 2015



Many great authors on this wonderfully long list. I pulled out the Rebellion love from rounds 1 and 2. SFR


4th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards: Round Two by Anna McClain

The Most Intricate Power Play

Rebellion: Alien Attachments #2 by Sabine Priestley

War is coming, and the two people who are irresistibly drawn to each other but want nothing to do with each other hold the fate of a world in their hands and the ripples could change the galaxy.

Ria is an Earth Protector and ex-Sandarian soldier. On leave, she visits a vacation planet with her friends, and longs to find the one person whose psychic powers are so compatible with hers that they’ll fall in love. And she does. But then the crap starts to hit the fan and what seems like a simple love story races into a complex dark mystery that ensnares the planet of Mitah, and possibly the galaxy itself.

Ty is a Curzan, dubbed sub-human by Mitah’s ruling class. Orphaned when a Sandarian military officer murdered his parents, Ty hates all Sandarians, until he meets a small, spunky ex-soldier and has to rethink his world view.

But the world doesn’t wait for love and the political schemes of the greedy only get deeper and deeper, sucking Ria and Ty in until they have to act.

I fell for the world the most in this story. Just when it seems they can solve the issues, another layer is revealed. The plot is complex and the world is rich.


4th Annual SFR Galaxy Awards: Round One by Riley Moreland

Dual Award: Best Alien Fancy Dress Party and Best Petite Kick-Ass Heroine

Rebellion (Alien Attachments, #2) by Sabine Priestly

This party was so fancy, it required a special shopping trip to a different planet just to get the perfect dress. Was it difficult for the petite heroine Ria Montori to find a dress that required minimal fitting? (Wondered the 4’10” reader.)

I like this series. The involved plots revolve around a complex socio-political background. This background allows the series to delve into a variety of plot lines. At the core, the Portal Masters provide intrigue and mystery that ties the books together while the Cavacent family and friends make up the characters I like to cheer for.


Sabine Red

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