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Dog ReadingSo I just came across yet another article proclaiming how every author these days must have a newsletter. Can I just say bullshit to that? Please?  


As a reader, I want to know when you have a new book coming out. If I want any more information, if I want to find you on Facebook or Twitter and hang out with you, I’ll find you. I don’t want you coming to me and invading my mailbox. Sorry, love you. This is why I generally don’t subscribe, and why I get really annoyed when sites and people won’t let me in without giving up my addy. I walk away with a bad taste in my mouth. Probably has something to do with that bull…

I’m sure I’m not the only person whose inbox is way too full already. Heaven forbid I take a day or two off because then I have hundreds of emails to plough through. 

Before I go any further, I’m not saying authors shouldn’t do newsletters or that readers shouldn’t subscribe, I’m just saying it’s not for everyone and I wish people would stop saying it’s a requirement. It’s not.

I’m putting my foot down (just as soon as this guy is finished with it) Sexy Leg and saying IT’S OK NOT TO HAVE A NEWSLETTER. There. No more guilt. Go forth and newsletter not.

I admire those who crank out cool content every month. Me? I don’t have that much to say. You wouldn’t want to read it anyway.

What about you? Do rush out and subscribe to every author’s newsletter? Do you read them?

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7 Responses to Authors and Newsletters

  1. Cathryn Cade says:


    Love you, fellow SFR junkie!

    That said, I think you’re dead wrong on the Newsletter question.

    I’m strictly Indie pubbed these days, in SFR and Contemporary and Contemp Paranormal … me and about a million other authors.

    I can’t even find my own favorite authors in the huge morass of books being pubbed every month. Amazon is no longer giving us all equal promo ops, and there are just so many new authors all the time.

    When I find an author I love, I want to grab their leg & hang on, metaphorically at least. If I tried it in real life, pretty sure I wouldn’t give off the same sexy vibe as Mr Suit.

    My way of grabbing them is to subscribe to their updates. And thank God a few thousand of my readers agree!

    PS. You should do an update to this post in January 2017 and see if you, I or anyone else has changed their minds.

    • admin says:

      Love you too! And yes, the leg thing probably wouldn’t come off so well. I’m putting a follow up reminder for 2017. Great idea!

  2. I absolutely agree with you. I don’t subscribe to newsletters from authors. As you say, all I want to know is if you have a new book out and there are plenty of ways to find that out. Apart from anything else, Amazon tells me.

    Needless to say, I don’t have a newsletter. And I LOATHE those pop-up things. That’s a total turn-off. Bye bye.

  3. Lee Koven says:

    I use an RSS reader to keep up-to-date on author blogs, and that usually lets me know of new releases. If the author doesn’t have a blog, though, I won’t know when a new book is out unless it’s part of the Smart Girls roundup. In that case, I do subscribe to a newsletter so I don’t miss a story.

  4. I have one but only use it for new releases. I sometimes feel forced to join one(usually to get a freebie that looks interesting) but I unsubscribe unless they are a writer friend. I never read any of them, I don’t have time.

    I buy books every month, and there are authors I keep an eye on, but their new stuff shows up in my FB feed or groups I belong to. Or I seek it out and put a reminder on a calendar, if it is a book I really want.

    I rarely buy books from author promos–I look at books other readers recommend.

    • admin says:

      That’s the same with me. I don’t have time to read them and I’m torn with the thought of taking valuable time to create something others don’t have time to read. A promo will get me now an then, not often.

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