Rebellion – Alien Attachments #2

Ria Montori is no stranger to kicking ass. Though petite in size, she packs a punch as a former Sandarian military officer who currently serves the Cavacent clan on a strange planet called Earth. She has no interest in seeking her one psi-mate who could bring her unparalleled pleasure through a sensual, otherworldly bond. She has no time for a lover of any kind. So why is she lured in by the beguiling Curzan native who just killed a government official?

Ty Sordina hates Ria’s kind. The Sandarians murdered his parents while he watched and enslaved his people. Driven by revenge, he vows that nothing and no one will stand in his way. Especially not a feisty redhead who challenges his every instinct and calls to his psi like no other.

But war is coming. And the two must succumb to temptation for only the power of their completed bond can defeat and destroy the enemy. But only if they surrender…



“I had to get away from you. From us.”

In that instant, he knew he could never let that happen. He shook his head. Her right arm was bleeding. There was a puncture wound that went all the way through her forearm and a jagged tear, or maybe bite marks, below that. “You’re a mess, Red.” A beautiful fracking mess.

She stood perfectly still as he placed his fingers on either side of the hole, her blood slick under his touch. The psi connection necessary to heal flowed through them both. He had to place his other hand against the bark of the tree she leaned on to steady himself. Once the bleeding stopped, he placed his fingers over the tear. Another deep connection to stop the bleeding, and they both moaned.

The pleasure caused by their psi connection was overwhelming. This was no mere chemistry. She was his psi-mate. There was no question now. Once the bleeding stopped, he let go of her arm.


Her eyes bore into him, and he was lost. He took her hand and led her deeper into the forest until he found the trail he was looking for. They followed it in silence. She never once asked where he was taking her. Their psi danced, and the tension between them increased with every step. Finally, they came to the small one-room hunting shack he’d been coming to in order to get some distance from her.


As they neared the porch, the moonlight caught her hair, and it blazed red. He reached out and pulled a leaf from her tresses before leading her inside.

He knew she wouldn’t protest. She couldn’t stop this anymore than he could. Their psi were deeply meshed together now and simply awaited their bodies to join. They took off their clothes quickly and finally came together with nothing between them.

Reviews:Jean on Xtream Delusions wrote:

When finding your mate is everything you could hope for and everything you dread… Neither Ria or Ty are exactly thrilled with finding their psi-mate… not when Ty believes Ria to be part of a military regime that saw his people enslaved and his parents killed… not when Ria watched Ty kill a man in cold blood. Like it or not, though, they are bonded and each night brings prophetic dreams.

I really liked Ria in Alien Attachments. I loved her in Rebellion. This ex-military maven may be petite, but she exemplifies all that is a touted in a redhead. She’s fast, has a bit of a temper and can definitely be deadly if the situation warrants it. She’s also all woman… shopping trips for girly fashions, giggle fests with her bestie and total heartache when she discovers her psi-mate is a cold stone killer… and she wants to know why. She sure didn’t expect to find herself embroiled in a rebellion on a far-flung planet when she sought answers. It seems the whole galaxy has been misled when it comes to the native Curzans of Mitah. These are no illiterate, simple-minded people. Far from it. And, if what she suspects is true they never should have been subjugated to begin with.

Fifteen years ago, Ty watched as his parents were murdered in front of a classroom full of children by a Sandarian soldier. Now their killer is back on Mitah. People are turning up dead. The government is corrupt and there is only so much the underground movement can do and only so fast. He went to the festival to take out a killer. He never expected to be taken down by the woman he shared a glorious night of loving with. Finding out she’s ex-military is just the icing on the cake. Now he’s in the hands of his enemies and his every dream is filled with her. Every moment of his day is filled with pain. Time is limited and if they’re going to find the proof they need to free their people they’re going to have to look past the surface and trust what their bond is telling them.

Rebellion is full of action and adventure. There are plenty of story arcs to keep you busy with Ria and Ty’s romance as well as the ongoing politics of the galaxy. The secondary characters are engaging, if not totally likable. Funny thing is that even though Ria’s co-worker, Armond isn’t all that likable with his standoffishness, I can’t help but want to see where the author might take him. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the Alien Attachment series goes next.

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