A Novella Prequel in the Tethered Wings Series

Book Cover: Origins
Part of the Tethered Wings series:

She was just an ordinary waitress, crushing on a construction foreman.

One night together changed their world.

Their entire world.

By the end, every person on the planet had heard the legend of Trina and Nico.

Fact is stranger than fiction in Origins, the short story prequel in the explosive new series, Tethered Wings.


Reviews:Carol on Good Reads wrote:

Origins is the prequel to the Tethered Wings series by Sabine Priestley. It’s a short novella but you will get to meet the original couple, Nico and Trina, sensari and human, that forever changed the definition of “tethered!”

Nico Roth is Head Foreman at New World Construction in Vega. He is sensari, a winged man. When sensari meet their perfect mate, they tether for life, an unbreakable bond. Vega is a new country where humans and sensari are learning to live and work together. Nico has been having breakfast every morning at Garfunkel’s Diner just to get a short visit with the cute waitress there. It brightens his day to start it with her.

Trina Korathen looks forward to Nico’s visit every morning. He’s such a beautiful man. So she takes the initiative and finally asks him for a drink. They meet after work but don’t end up staying long at the bar. The evening quickly progresses to a night of passionate love making. But when they awake the next morning, it’s obvious something is wrong with Trina. She’s in horrible pain. What is happening to her?

The condition Trina is found in is unprecedented. She’s kept in isolation at the hospital and Nico is kept from seeing her. The longer they are apart, the worse the emptiness is. Finally one of the doctors figures out what is happening and Nico and Trina are quickly catapulted into the center of the news media.

These two set the stage for many couples to come, some of which you will meet in the following books. I am just in love with this series and getting to meet Nico and Trina really helps my overall understanding of the series. I can’t wait to see what Sabine has in store for us next! If you haven’t yet, you can transition right on into Twice Tethered which is already out.

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