Liberation – Alien Attachments #3

Alien Attachments Book 3

Following the signal of foreign psi to an old abandoned building on Florin 5, Balastar Alder literally stumbles across the pugnacious raven-haired beauty, Kit Athorika.

He’s not the only one who’s looking for the mysterious portal making devices in her possession. When Torogs attack, she ports them to safety. Without the help of a single Portal Master.

Balastar offers to repay the favor by getting her off-planet and back to her own ship. Their escape is complicated when the Torog’s pursue. Forced to go silent and lay-low in an asteroid field, they have little to do. Fortunately, the chemistry between them ignites and they find endless ways to occupy their time.

Balastar convinces her to come and meet his boss, Lord Cavacent. Recently relocated to Earth, the Sandarian clan included a handful of rogue Portal Masters. Kit has her own reasons for hating and fearing the Portal Masters, but she needs all the help she can get to save her planet. She reluctantly agrees to seek out Lord Cavacent’s help, and his connections to the Galactic Trade Organization and its powerful military.

The Portal Masters’ Guild on Sandaria has controlled intergalactic portals throughout the galaxy for centuries, and jealously guard their secrets. One of those secrets has kept Kit’s home world under quarantine for nearly thirty years. But portals across the galaxy are failing and the guild is getting desperate.

Finding themselves bonded wasn’t expected, but having a psi-mate had its advantages. Can Kit and Balastar free an entire planet and take down a guild as old as the Masters without losing their lives?


"What are you doing?" she said, her voice a hiss. "That's the most congested vector off the planet."

"And because of that, it has the highest hold pattern."

The side of her mouth pulled upward. "You're not going to use the vector."

He winked at her. She was a pilot all right.

"Are you sure this shiny bucket can handle it?"

"She can handle it. Can you?"

"Pfft. I guarantee I've done more vectorless in-and-outs than you'll ever do."

  Interesting. The only reason for not using the atmosphere controlled vectors was either to avoid detection or because of the need for speed.


Reviews:Carol on Amazon wrote:

This book is a crazy, sexy, nonstop ride from the beginning to the end as this group once again puts themselves in danger to do the right thing, to free the Vertans and restore order on Sandaria. There are no slow spots in this book, it kept me turning the pages all the way through. I have really enjoyed getting to know all the characters I have met throughout these books but I think Balastar and Kit might be my favorite. I have loved this series from the start and highly recommend it.

“My Lady, My love, My life.”

La Crimson Femme on Amazon wrote:

This is my favourite book in the series to date. Liberation kicks it up a notch with great characters, questions answered and more questions asked! I love it. Balastar Alder is featured in this book. He is not second string to anyone. He previously minored in the first book as a possible mate with Dani. Balastar is the prototype white knight who does everything perfectly. He doesn't have a syndrome to save the damsel in distress. He is the hero who can save the damsel. To think he could ever play second fiddle is just crazy talk.

Balastar's leading lady is Kit Athorika from the mysterious planet with psi different than generally known. Kit is a perfect match to Balastar. Kit is spunky, all heart and just all around love-able. These two characters are appealing and I really liked them. I rooted for them and their sexual chemistry is hawt. The sex in this story is nicely erotic and yet it is the plot of this story which really captures my attention and makes me stay up until the wee hours reading it.

The mysteries of the Portal Masters are revealed and we finally learn more about the Kit's people. For those who enjoyed Morgan Hawke's Interstellar series, this third book contains similar plot elements just without the kink. Kit and Balastar are well matched as they work to free her people. The story is fast paced with the right amount of action interspersed with sexy time. The showdown with the Portal Masters is what really becomes interesting. It opens this world up to more world building which I hope Ms. Priestley will continue. I am intrigued by the new entity, Orion.

I can see the growth in Ms. Priestley's writing with each subsequent book. The characters are better developed and the plot is tighter. The character dialogue is fluid. The read is smoother as the pace flows up and down in an easy cadence to enspell a reader. The imagery in this story is animated and easy to visualize. The hook at the end of the book is well done. Recommended for space opera readers who enjoy feisty females with a sexy heart-breaker hero.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

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