Alien Bond

Short Story Sequel to the series.

A short story sequel in the Alien Attachments Series.

After the fall of their empire, the Sandarians struggled for order and peace, hiding their existence from the people of Earth. Until now. Under the guardianship of the Sandarians, it is a new world where fleets of ships circle the globe to protect the vulnerable human race and find a new home among them.

Kara Heroshi breaks free from a controlling adoptive mother to begin a new life in London. She is both captivated and fearful of the alien Sandarian ship shining above the skyline of London—a beacon of power and allure.

Torril Anantha struggles to acclimate himself to life on Earth. The frailty of humanity disturbs him. But when one black-haired beauty ensnares his senses as well as his heart, he finally faces the difficult truth—his psi-mate is human.

Can Kara overcome her fears of being controlled and solidify the connection with Torril or will her efforts to avoid him succeed and leave them both with half a bond?



Publisher: KAC Publishing
Cover Artists:

AB excertp here

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