Women in Virtual Reality (and other tech professions.)

Womans Eye Tech   As a woman in a male dominated tech industry in the eighties and nineties this is near and dear to my heart. It’s disheartening to see both how little has changed and how completely asinine some of backlash to the post I’m sharing has been. There’s good in the mix too, but still.

This is the original post. A new initiative called Sh//ft to increase woman in the VR industry. I think it’s brilliant.

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And this is the post that showed what happened when the word got out to the wrong men. Not so brilliant.

Matt Schlicht brings up some good points about the environment in the tech industry. Yeah, those skimpily clad women in parties hasn’t changed any. I’m not saying don’t do it, just throw some hot dudes in there, will you? If it’s a party, I’m all for it, as long as it goes both ways. If it’s in the office? Dudes, knock it off. Not everyone want’s to see those bodies and they shouldn’t be force fed. I know I should say take it out of the parties entirely, but you know what? Buzzkill. My opinion. That’s all.

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Like diversity among race, gender and the LGBT community, this is important.

I’m encouraged by what I see in my daughter’s generation. She’s 17 and she’s going to change the world. Or at least she’s well prepared to try. That can’t be said for the offspring of many of the men who responded negatively to Helen Situ’s post.

How do we reach the kids growing up in broken environments? That I can’t answer. One at a time, I suppose.


Sabine Red

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