Twice Tethered

Tethered Wings Book One

Book Cover: Twice Tethered
Part of the Tethered Wings series:

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They said it was impossible. They were wrong.

After a mind-blowing night in Morgan Steele's bed, Priya Desai becomes living proof that a thing is only impossible until it isn't.

CEO of Genetic Realms, Morgan is duty bound to help Priya through the transformation—an intensely physical process which brings both pain and pleasure.

As his enemies fight to destroy his company, and political tensions rise, the two must find the truth: Did someone engineer the transformation in her, or did he really tether twice?

Publisher: KAC Publishing
Cover Artists:

Priya's phone pinged with a new text message.

Got your number from the PR database. So, are you team Morgan or Christopher? I’m honestly torn. Ping me when you’re done 🙂 Tara

Priya’d had a picture of Christopher on her wall for over a year when she was younger. I think I’d have to say Christopher. I had a teenage crush on him.

They should be there in three, two, one…

The office doors opened and Priya shoved her phone in her purse. She crossed her arms, but that seemed like the wrong body language, so she clasped her hands in front of her and tried not to look like an idiot. It was a nice gesture, meeting new employees and all, but she could have done without it.

Christopher was even more gorgeous up close. He wore a perfectly tailored suit which hinted of muscle and screamed power. No sign of his wings.


She’d watched a video online showing how the main ribs telescoped into themselves when retracted. The membrane between was paper thin but strong as steel. She’d found the process oddly erotic.

Christopher’s body briefly filled the doorway before Morgan Steele sauntered into the room. His gaze locked onto her and she was hit by a flash of déjà vu. She was close enough to touch two of the most powerful men in Vega, probably the world, and she couldn’t look away from him.

He finally broke the connection when he followed Christopher with introductions. Standing behind the other recruits, she fought to calm her rioting nerves. What the heck was that? The new shirt she wore had a tag in the side seam and it was poking her. She pulled at the fabric.

Next in line, Christopher’s handshake was firm and professional.

When she came to Morgan she nearly lost her vertical position in the world. His touch sent her body into sensory overdrive. The attraction reached nearly panic proportions and heat flushed from head to toe.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Desai.” His voice was husky and smooth. Sensuality incarnate. And that accent, the way he articulated the common language, damn it was sexy.

She yanked at her shirt again. “Thank you, it’s a pleasure.” Her voice came out steady, thank god, and pleasure was definitely the word.

He released her and motioned for her to follow the others. Just the thought of him right on her heels sent another surge of insane energy through her. She swallowed hard and raised her chin a notch. It was only lunch, what’s the worst that could happen?

The heel of her shoe wobbled and her step faltered. Yep, she’d jinxed it. A warm hand closed around her elbow. All the heat rushed straight to her core and she felt her cheeks flush a second time. He smelled of the forest and rain. How could someone smell like that? This wasn’t good. Looking at him would only make it worse, but she couldn’t ignore him either.

“Erm. Thank you.” That sounded pathetic even to her ears.

“The pleasure is all mine.” His voice was too low for the others to hear and the pleasure was most certainly not all his.

Christopher led them into Morgan’s office where a dining table was set up along with a three-member catering crew. Priya sat as far from Morgan as she could, but it was difficult to keep her eyes off him. There was something just under the surface. Something primal. Sinful. Whatever it was, it called to her on a cellular level.

Christopher guided the conversation, asking each new employee about themselves in turn. She kept her answers simple. Mom and Dad still married. Younger brother, Jake, who was studying electrical engineering and wanted to move to Vega as well. Staying clear of what her mother thought of sensari and Vega in general she answered Christopher’s questions, but Morgan’s presence imbued every word. When their gazes met, his face was a mask, but those ice-blues were intense. The man radiated power and the tilt of his lips hinted at carnal pleasures.


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4 Responses to Twice Tethered

  1. Nancy says:

    Please continue the alien attachment series picking up after book 3. Continue all the characters lives and write about how they brought Earth into the light of knowing aliens exist.

    • Sabine Priestley says:

      You’re in luck. Armond and Marco will be showing up this summer. I’m also percolating on a story that picks up where Liberation left off and explains what happened after the fall of the portal masters and before Alien Bond.

  2. Penny Perala says:

    What happened to Alien Bond? I tried all 3 links and none of them have the book anymore. Where can I get it?

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